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Program Your Car’s Opener Button

How To Program Your Car’s Homelink Garage Door Transmitter

In order to program any car to open your garage door, you need a working garage door opener remote. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this prerequisite. Please read our how to program garage door opener remotes article. This will tell give you information on how to get a remote programmed.

Reference your vehicle owner’s manual first.

Program Car Garage Door Opener ButtonYou probably already know where the Homelink buttons are usually located in the visor or in the rear view mirror. There’s a bit of variability in where the transmitters are located, however. In most vehicles the transmitter is located in the same place as the three control buttons. Certain vehicle manufacturers have recently started to relocate the transmitters, though; namely Audi and Bentley (near headlight and in the middle of the dashboard, respectively).

Lexus, and possibly other manufacturers, add a bit of complexity to the process by requiring you to clear previously programmed buttons before re-programming them. This process usually involves holding down both outside buttons for a certain period of time. Please reference your car’s owner’s manual for details.

How To Program Your Car Garage Door Opener, Step by Step.

This process is much easier to accomplish with two people. However, I will give directions taking into account the movements in and out of the garage that must be undertaken by a single person.

  1. Test your remote. Make sure it’s programmed and operates the door.
  2. Make sure the button in your car is cleared/reset if required.
  3. Set-up a ladder, if required; for easy access to the learn button on your garage door opener.
  4. Locate the learn button. Refer to our article on programming garage door remotes for more info.
  5. Pull your car into the driveway, directly in front of the garage door.
  6. Close the garage door.
  7. Press button on remote and hold (if door doesn’t go up, press the button again and hold). Do NOT let go of the remote button, keep it depressed through steps 8, 9 & 10.
  8. Hold the remote next to your car’s transmitter (the location you previously found in your owner’s manual).
  9. Depress the button on your vehicle’s visor or mirror that’s to operate the door. Remember, you’re still holding the remote button too.
  10. Watch the indicator light. In most vehicles, when the light either blinks rapidly or turns off, the vehicle has matched the remote’s frequency. This may take up to 45 seconds. You can now let go of both buttons.
  11. Go inside your garage, up the ladder, and press your opener’s learn button (release immediately). You now have approximately 30 seconds to get back to your car and perform step 12.
  12. Press the button, on your visor or mirror, that you want to have open the door. Unlike regular door remotes you may have to depress the button for a second or more before the opener reads the signal.
  13. On Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Raynor and Sears models you will see the opener light flash. On Genie models, press the button in your car one more time.
  14. Press the button in your vehicle once again. If you were successful in your programming the door will close.

If you got to step 14 and the transmitter in your vehicle is still not working; I encourage you to go back to your vehicle owner’s manual and begin again. Multiple attempts at this process will be required in most cases. Don’t get discouraged.

Having trouble? Give us a call or email us, and we will do whatever we can to lend you a helping hand.



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