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Garage Door Won’t Stay Closed

Garage Door Won’t Close

This is a very common complaint that’s relatively easy to fix. In most instances this “garage door won’t stay closed” problem arises from improperly adjusted limits. The limits of a garage door opener tell it, simply; when the door is in the full open position and when the door is in the fully closed position. In this case, the opener is trying to make the door go past its close limit; and, thus, trying to drive it into the ground. When the door hits the ground, the RPM sensor registers the obstruction and automatically reverses the door. The following instructions will help you reset your garage door’s limits.

However, before you start adjusting limits. Make sure that the door, in its path of travel, is not tripping your photo eyes. See, “Help! My Garage Door Will Not Close.”

Openers With Electronic Limits

These vary by model and the easiest reference for setting these limits will be your garage door opener’s owner’s manual. If that fails; a quick Google search for model number + manual may prove fruitful. Barring that; give us a call at (239)455-4555.

Liftmaster. Chamberlain and Craftsman Openers With Mechanical Limits

LiftMaster Limit Switch

Liftmaster Limit Adjustment, Similar On All Models.

Usually located on the left hand side of the opener motor housing (when looking at the door). There are holes in the cover, through which you will see a plastic screw head. Screw next to diagram with arrow pointing down will be the one you’re concerned with. Circular arrow denotes which way increases that travel limit. Start by rotating down limit screw, in the opposite direction of the circular arrow. One or two complete turns should get you well off the ground, with plenty of room to re-adjust down.

If after spinning this screw 4 or 5 complete turns, the door still tries to close too far; you have a corroded or otherwise damaged limit switch assembly. Call us for information on replacement.

Genie Garage Door Openers w/ External Limit Switches

Genie Limit Switch Upper Limit

Genie Limit Switch, Carriage At Upper Limit

These limit switches come in two flavors: mechanical and magnetic. Both are mounted directly to the opener rail. The magnetic model looks very similar to the above picture, without the plastic arm. When the carriage; attached to the opener arm, comes into contact with this arm, it closes a circuit and stops the door’s travel.

Note: If it’s obvious that the door is going past this switch, your switch is damaged or corroded and needs to be replaced.

If, however, the switch seems to be working properly but in the wrong place; simply unscrew the set screw, slide the assembly away from the door and re-secure.

My Limit Switch Type Is Not Listed

There are dozens of different limit switch mechanisms that vary with manufacturer and model. It would be almost impossible to give an overview of all systems here. If you have a specific question about adjusting your opener limits please call us or send us an email.

After A Few Up/Down Cycles, Door Won’t Stay Closed; Again

Unfortunately this is a symptom of a stripped drive gear, worn-out belt or other more serious issues. Further inspection by a garage door tech is most likely necessary.



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