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Garage Door Will Not Close

Help! My garage door will not close!

If your garage door will not close; your first course of action should be inspecting your garage door opener’s photo eyes. These photo sensors are a safety measure aimed at preventing the door from closing on people or objects; Federally mandated for all openers made after 1992. These sensors should be mounted at the bottom of the door opening (mounted to the door track, or to the wall). The following check-list will help you troubleshoot any sensor issues you may be having.

Garage won't go down
  1. Make sure there’s nothing in the way of the garage door.
  2. Anything hanging from the door should be removed or securely attached.
  3. Ensure that sensor lenses are clean.
    1. Dust, paint and spider webs can cause a door to close sporadically.
  4. Look for a steady light on both sensors. If one light is off or blinking; adjust eyes so that they are pointing directly at each-other.
  5. Check sensor connections on power head to ensure everything is clean and secure.
    1. Sensor wires tend to fatigue quickly when they’re under stress. Broken wires are often found at splice points.
  6. Try holding the wall button as the door is going down. If the door closes you, most likely, have a sensor that needs to be replaced.
  7. If door still will not close; something other than your sensors is probably to blame.

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