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Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Craftsman

– Door Won’t Close (Video)

Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman – Door Won’t Close (Video)

If your door won’t go down; this quick video should have you up and running again, in no time!

Read our article on this problem for more in-depth information.

Hello everybody! If your garage door won’t go down; we’ve got a short, 1 minute, tip for ya today.

As you can see, this door goes up just fine.

It’s only on the way down that we seem to have a problem.

No matter how many times you hit the button… The door only goes down a couple of inches; and then shoots right back up again.

When the door gets back to the top, you’ll notice that the opener light’s blinking.

In order to fix this problem; we’re going to go locate our sensors at the bottom of the door opening.

THis is the sending sensor. Make sure the lens is clean and that there’s nothing obstructing the opening.

The amber light, here, will remain on at all times.

You’ll notice on our receiving sensor, there is no light.

We’re going to adjust that.

Get our hand out of the way…

You’ll notice we’ve got a nice steady green light now.

If we go hit our wall button…. the door’s going to go down; just like it should.

I hope you found this quick tip helpful.

If you did; like our video. Thanks for watching & have a great day!



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